BMW MSS65 Torque Management and SMG control


Hey guys, thought I'd address a couple of things here: So Randy is testing the SMG mods for me and he's on round 1 of the changes. To go in greater detail, there are numerous 2D maps associated with the SMG shift characteristics in the DME as well as a *ton* of single byte variables and constants. Much what is done is also handled by PID control and some of the parameters that... read more

FAMS nFlash Tablet User's Manual



Prerequisites - Stock DME.  If you have an existing tune, you must revert to a stock condition or the nFlash tablet will most likely be unable to read out your DME. - A healthy charged battery. The initial read by the tablet is a complete back up of your DME and can take up to two hours to read, especially on an LCI vehicle.  Pre-LCI vehicles use a dual K-line interface and have si... read more




Opening in May 2015, the largest V10 M5 and M6 parts source in the world. read more