Infinity Design S85 V-10 Equal Length Long Tube Headers


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Infintiy Design

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Infinity Design
S85 Long Tube Equal Length Headers

***We are currently experiencing long lead times on orders as Infinity is moving operations to the UK.  Orders will be processed in the order placed, but may take 8-12 weeks to complete.***

    These are extremely well engineered headers with long primary runners for optimization of exhaust pulse timing.  The equal length ensures that exhaust pulses do not reach the collector at the same time creating standing waves. The standing waves slightly reduce exhaust gas velocity and result in the alteration of the characteristic V10 "F1 sound" the S85 is famous for.

    Additionally, equal length primaries ensure each cylinder receives the same "ram tuning" effect from exhaust scavenging the cylinder and more uniform power production per cylinder.  This allows more aggressive tuning if desired, pushing each cylinder closer to its maximum potential without fear one cylinder is approaching it's ideal combustion efficiency with others significantly lower in power output.

   ***The next batch of headers are expected to arrive in the US around the middle of October.***

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