Alusil Engine Services

When using new piston rings in an Alusil engine block, it is essential for good ring sealing that the cylinder walls are properly prepared.  This requires a fairly involved process in working the Alusil to the surface finish specifications published by the patent holder of the Alusil alloy. There are many misconceptions about Alusil, one of the most common being that it is a "spray on... read more

BMW MSS65 Torque Management and SMG control


Hey guys, thought I'd address a couple of things here: So Randy is testing the SMG mods for me and he's on round 1 of the changes. To go in greater detail, there are numerous 2D maps associated with the SMG shift characteristics in the DME as well as a *ton* of single byte variables and constants. Much what is done is also handled by PID control and some of the parameters that... read more

FAMS nFlash Tablet User's Manual



Prerequisites - Stock DME.  If you have an existing tune, you must revert to a stock condition or the nFlash tablet will most likely be unable to read out your DME. - A healthy charged battery. The initial read by the tablet is a complete back up of your DME and can take up to two hours to read, especially on an LCI vehicle.  Pre-LCI vehicles use a dual K-line interface and have si... read more




Opening in May 2015, the largest V10 M5 and M6 parts source in the world. read more